Wet Inline Loader/Unloader – WIL/WIU

  • Wet Inline Loader/Unloader
    Wet Inline Loader/Unloader
  • High performance automation for loading and unloading of systems used for wet-chemical treatment of silicon wafers
  • Maximum output and highly accurate adjustment to various production requirements thanks to modular configuration and options for increasing output
  • Over 10 years of outstanding quality and experience in automation of wet-chemical processes
  • Excellent process control (offline) thanks to state-of-the-art measurement and breakage control

Jonas & Redmann Wet Inline Loading/Unloading is used for the loading and unloading of inline wet process systems, such as acid texturing, phosphor glass etching or wet isolating edges. The system is distinguished by its extremely gentle material handling with specially developed gripping devices as well as its high output and reliability. The wafer is positioned in the wet bench inflow without touching the edges. The system is available in various designs and allows for the automation of inline wet chemical systems from a wide range of manufacturers.

Depending on the process step, differing quality inspections can be carried out in the system. For this, the integration of various inspection and measuring devices is optional.

Etch rate determination can be integrated in the automation of texture wet benches as an in-process check. For this, the wafer's weight is recorded before and after etching using high-precision inline scales and the etching erosion is calculated using these values. A Trace-related evaluation is possible.

The system's input and output ports can be fitted to suit the respective material transport concept for the loading and unloading of all current carriers and magazines.



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