Wafer Inspection System – WIS

  • Wafer Inspection System - WIS
    Wafer Inspection System - WIS

The quality of the wafer is crucial for the effectiveness of the future solar cell. The Jonas & Redmann WIS sorts out damaged and faulty wafers. Using error-free wafers reduces the breakage rates within the cell production process signi cantly. As a result customers save enormous costs.

WIS is used for the fully automatic inspection of mono and poly crystalline silicon wafers. This system is modular and provides a high degree of flexibility. With on-the-fly inspection, wafers undergo quality checks in accordance with customer specifications. Using the primary host computer, the inspection criteria can be quickly and easily adjusted to the given requirements and saved in inspection formulas. The sorting of the wafers can be user-defined based on the chosen inspection criteria. For this purpose, the system enables the user to define a custom number of sorting classes depending on the configuration of the sorting area.

State-of-the-art inspection technology – we work together with the world's leading manufacturers of inspection technologies, thus guaranteeing the most accurate measurements and quality inspections at the highest level. A host computer collects the wafer-specific measurement values and assigns a user-defined class for each wafer.

Modular structure - The system has a modular configuration and offers a wide range of possible designs. If the customer wishes to employ inline cleaning in the backend of wafer production, WIS can be directly integrated using a special wet bench unloading module.

If the WIS is not integrated directly into the final cleaning procedure, there are other handling modules available, which, for example, enable the loading of inspection lines from carriers or stacks.

• proven measuring and sorting system for silicon solar wafers
• modular design including devices for loading and unloading, inspecting, sorting, process linkage
• wafer inline check up to the edge e.g. saw mark, contamination and edge thickness variation detection
• perfect adaption of automation to measurement needs
• non contact quality control minimizes stress on the wafer as much as possible
• WIS Master PC for central receipe management to create customized inspection
• MES connection, Semi PV 02 standard



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