Wafer Handling Plasma – WHP

  • Wafer Handling Plasma
    Wafer Handling Plasma
  • High performance automation for loading and unloading wafers from graphite process boats up to > 2200 wafers/hr output and > 97% uptime
  • Maximum output and highly accurate adjustment to production requirements thanks to modular configuration and options for increasing the output
  • Over 10 years of outstanding quality and experience in automation of anti-reflective-coating process
  • Largest installed base of automation systems for anti-reflective coating process worldwide

This system is used for the fully automated loading and unloading of silicon wafers from graphite process boats  for processing in a batch PECVD system. The accurate position of the wafers in the graphite boats is essential to ensure the flawless electric contact with the wafer that serves as the basis for a stable PECVD process. For nearly a decade, Jonas & Redmann WHP has defined the state-of-the-art in production cluster anti reflective coating with PECVD direct plasma. The new generation of Jonas & Redmann Wafer Handling Plasma - WHP is the result of this continuous development: it can be modularly configured and therefore perfectly adjusted to suit the performance of the process cluster. It is this innovation which helps customers to achieve a dramatic increase in system productivity.

Wafer Handling PlasmaSix-axis robot with multiple grippers designed to protect wafers - The wafers are automatically isolated from the carriers in the machine and inserted into the boat using a 6-axis robot.

Process control - The system can be fitted with a measuring device for visual color inspection and sheet thickness measurement.



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