TS 600 PLUS: Tabber&Stringer

  • 2BG Srl
    2BG Srl

TS600PLUS is the best solution to achieve high performance and quality thanks to infrared soldering technology and heating areas that limit cell breakage during the process. The Tabber&Stringer allows various production cycles to be stored in its memory via a PLC. The cells are automatically picked from two loading baskets and positioned correctly thanks to the mechanical or optical centring system, and are then soldered with infrared lamps. The result is the creation of strings composed of up to 12 cells, ranging in size from 125 x 125mm to 156 x 156mm.

If the machine is in “standalone” configuration, the ended string is deposited on a lightening table, or it can be automatically picked up by the Lay out LO072AR, if the TS600PLUS is inserted in a complete production line. It features a touch-screen panel that allows the manufacturer to customize the welding cycle and a lot of other working parameters in a very easy way. Connection by modem to guarantee a technical support in real time worldwide.


  •     High quality soldered cell strings
  •     High speed alignment system without contact
  •     Preheating cells for improved throughput
  •     Continuously soldered contacts
  •     Easily adaptable to a wide range of cell
  •     Low thermal stress


  •     3 Bus bar
  •     208 x 208 mm (8”) cells
  •     3 baskets of loading
  •     Pre-heating of ribbon
  •     Stress relief bending system
  •     Visual inspection for integrity cell control



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