TripleLynx & TripleLynx Pro inverter range

The Danfoss TripleLynx inverters of 10, 12.5, 15kW have up to three-string input, a large operation range and three-phase output making it incredibly versatile. With Voc: 1000 Vmax., 430-800V range, up to 3x12 A DC current, the wide-ranging operation specifications mean that an extensive range of modules with different specifications and many different string configurations can be connected to the inverter. Even though TripleLynx is transformerless, it also handles thin-film modules.

The integrated DC-switch, cable guard and wall mounting makes it safe and easy to install and operate. The TripleLynx inverters have an efficiency of 98%, weight of only 35kg and a broad range of communication options. With integrated Webserver, Ethernet and Master inverter functionality the TripleLynx Pro marks a significant breakthrough in the way you can administrate your solar system (read more:http://

The broad operation specifications, high efficiency and ease of use also make TripleLynx string inverters an attractive alternative to central inverters in MW installations (read more:



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