TF Series IGBT Convertors

Total reliability and frequency stability has earned IHWT Radyne an enviable reputation as the number one choice for many critical induction heating applications. These include over 95 installations within the semi-conductor industry where IHWT Radyne has over 20 years of experience supplying induction power supplies for production of the highest quality Silicon photovoltaic ingots.

Well proven IHWT Radyne series IGBT induction power supplies were designed to meet even the most demanding of requirements within this sector. When producing multi-crystalline, solar-grade Silicon ingots using Directional Solidification Systems (DSS), reliability is critical. These are typically 600mm square and weighing up to 250kg each.

IHWT Radyne series IGBT induction power supplies can also be used on systems utilising the Czochralsky method for "pulling" single crystal Silicon ingots. Reliability is absolutely essential using this method as in both processes, frequency stability plays a key part towards ensuring the production of high quality, fully homogenous product with minimal impurities. At all times, it is essential to minimise output ripple and eliminate all unwanted voltage spikes as these have a detrimental effect on the purity of the silicon ingot being produced.



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