String Connection Box

  • Bonfiglioli's SCB connection box
    Source: Bonfiglioli.

Bonfiglioli’s SCB string connection boxes let you connect from 8 to 24 strings in parallel, and also provide protection and detailed monitoring of the photovoltaic generator.

Components like a DIN rail fuse holder string with positive and negative pole protection, and an under-load output disconnector guarantee accurate failure isolation, facilitate maintenance and maximise energy efficiency.

The String Connection Box optimises cabling, reduces system downtime and facilitates maintenance by technical personnel.

The photovoltaic system is further protected by the presence of overvoltage dischargers on the DC side, with removable cartridges for easy resetting.

The SCB series is compatible with all commercial photovoltaic modules.

Functionality is guaranteed within a temperature range of -25 to +50°C. A pressure compensation valve prevents the formation of condensate.

Installation is quick, easy and safe.

Main features:
- DC inputs: 8,16, 24
- maximum working voltage 1000 V
- Inom STC 11 A (8.8 A with anti current recirculation diodes)
- IP65 degree of protection for outdoor installations, with UV resistant glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate box finished in RAL 7035 (light grey)
- DC side overvoltage protection:
Class II C, low voltage 230 V:
Class II C, LAN interface Class D (Cat 5)
- TCP/IP communication protocol with shielded CAT5 cable



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