Square Wave Non-contact dispense valve

  • Nordson EFD’s NEW Square Wave.
    Nordson EFD’s NEW Square Wave.

Nordson EFD’s NEW Square Wave high speed, non-contact dispense valve applies controlled amounts of liquid flux on cell bus bars and the solder-coated ribbon used to connect PV wafers - at cycle rates up to 500Hz, and volumes as small as .015uL.

• High speed capability – innovative solenoid technology
  delivers cycle rates up to 500Hz
• Actuation speeds as low as 2 ms
• Compact design
• Light weight and easy end-of-arm installation
• Low-maintenance design
• Small wetted path minimizes fluid waste
• Volume output as low as .015 μL
• Adjustable fluid flow
• Positive shutoff

• Non-contact dispensing eliminates need for Z-axis motion
• Less frequent replacement, less downtime, lower maintenance
• High production throughput and yield
• Easy to service
• Integrated solenoid minimizes process variation
• High cycle speed creates dot-to-dot “stitching” that flows
  together to form a continuous line

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