SolaryX Edge™ laser edge deletion tool

Newport’s SolaryX™ Edge laser edge deletion system uses high power, pulsed lasers to remove the active thin-film coatings around the perimeter of thin-film solar panels. The laser based process results in a much lower cost of ownership value proposition as compared to sand blasting, which requires constant replenishment of consumables.A patent pending optical design and laser energy management process, result in a clean thin-film layer to glass interface. The uniform, fast ablation rate has been optimized to assure fast processing speeds and short takt times.

The fully self contained system features a rugged industrial design for maximum reliability in 24/7 manufacturing environments. A high MTBF is assured by using robust, low maintenance components and long life optics. Furthermore, the system occupies a significantly smaller footprint compared to other laser based edge deletion systems, due to its efficient and compact layout.



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