Solar Radiation Measuring Instruments

To maximize the effectiveness of your solar energy system, you need to know how it is performing. A Kipp & Zonen pyranometer accurately measures the solar radiation available to your system in real time. Comparing this with the power generated allows you to calculate the efficiency of the system. A drop in efficiency indicates the need for cleaning, ageing, or a fault, allowing you to schedule preventive maintenance and to monitor your return on investment.

For CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) systems it is important to know the amount of energy available directly from the sun and this can be measured using one of our automatic sun trackers, fitted with a pyrheliometer.

A complete Kipp & Zonen solar monitoring station is ideal when prospecting for the optimum locations to install solar energy plants and to determine the best direction of view for solar panels or thermal systems.

Our CMP series of pyranometers fulfils the requirements of IEC 61215 and IEC 60904-X for the accurate measurement of irradiance for photovoltaic and thermal solar devices. Test laboratories around the world use our pyranometers as reference instruments to test and certify PV cells for power plant projects.

Our passion for precision has led to the highest standard of solar radiation measurement instruments available, but also affordable and user-friendly solutions. Contact your local Kipp & Zonen distributor or visit our website for more information.



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