Solar Irradiance Meter

  • Sibert irradiance metre

Useful for accurate measurement of the solar irradiance available when commissioning any solar PV installation. This hand-held Solar Irradiance (SI) Meter provides a wide range of functionality within a compact package. Comes supplied with carry pouch and battery.

  •     3 1/2" Digit LCD screen
  •     End-mounted sensor
  •     Select either power or transmission
  •     Select either W/m2 or BTU/(FT2*h)
  •     Range - 2000W/m2, 634BTU/(FT2*h)
  •     Data Hold/Min/Max functions
  •     Sampling time - 0.25seconds
  •     130mm x 55mm x 39mm
  •     Weight ~ 150g



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