Slewing drive

Kinematics slewing drives are designed and tested to withstand a 30-year field life. The low-cost, reliable design of the drive is powered with hourglass worm technology to afford maximum survivability load-holding capacity and increased accuracy and efficiency. Kinematics' hourglass worms offer increased tooth engagement, affording the gearbox incredible strength and power beyond that of a standard worm. Various model sizes, performance ranges and mounting characteristics available. Kinematics also manufactures custom dual-axis slewing drives and double-enveloping worm gears.

Typical applications for the slewing drives include solar trackers, wind turbines and hydraulic equipment attachments. Other applications include any machinery that requires both load-holding and rotational torque from the same gearbox.

At Kinematics, we take quality control seriously. Our methods and procedures have earned us ISO 9001, CE, REACH and TUV certifications. In addition, our products undergo rigorous environmental, life cycle, accuracy and strength tests to ensure a 30-year performance guarantee.




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