SamBa Cameras

Quality inspection is typically done by taking electroluminescence images – one of the areas our sensitive, high-resolution coolSamBa cameras excel in.  Equipped with sensitive, high-resolution, scientific grade Si-CCD sensors, 16-bit ADCs and powerful 4-stage thermo-electric cooling, the coolSamBa cameras are ideally suited for solar cell characterization.

The SamBa Ci and the coolSamBa HR-830 were specifically designed for in-line and off-line production characterization of solar cells and modules.  The coolSamBa cameras provide high sensitivity and good spatial resolution but also a very high imaging speed of 1 image/sec for the full imaging cycle including read-out and integration time.

Our expertise in optical design and manufacturing has made Sensovation the market leader for electroluminescence cameras used in solar cell inspection.  There are hundreds of units installed worldwide and we continue to sell increasing numbers especially into the fast growing solar cell markets in Asia.



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