Safire dual chamber firing furnace with DriTech Dryer

  • Safire dual chamber firing furnace with DriTech Dryer.
    Safire dual chamber firing furnace with DriTech Dryer.

The Safire is built on the foundation of process separation, stability, high uptime and the ability to tailor thermal profiles around advanced materials and architectures. Safire ensures the greatest degree of firing repeatability and capability for cell efficiency optimization in a high capacity platform.

The high performance Safire firing furnace has segmented and optimized critical components of the cell process for maximum control and stability. The Safire integrated with the DriTech dryer decouples VOC removal from the burn-out process and ensures that VOCs are removed to prevent furnace and facility contamination. Burn-out is separated from firing for proper binder removal, a contamination-free firing zone and a stable, repeatable thermal experience. The Safire’s dual independent chamber design eliminates lane-to-lane loading influence.

The Safire offers further process optimization through Microzone Technology. Microzone Technology provides the ability to precisely tailor the burn-out interval, the time above melting temperature and the peak firing and cooling profiles. The advanced features and technology designed into the integrated Safire and DriTech firing and drying system offer a complete solution capable of achieving process perfection with all materials and architectures.



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