Photovoltaic tiles, size 1000x750 mm, power 85 Wp, 90 Wp and 95Wp. Suitable for cascade tiling, these units ensure complete vertical waterproofing up to 3° tilt. They can be installed easily on a wooden frame or on concrete beams with or without protective sheathing, and in ordinary conditions they do not require additional bolts or fastening devices. In case there is no underlying waterproof sheathing, troughs can be installed between the cascades to collect rainwater and carry it to the gutters. Available with back-sheets in a variety of colors, they can be combined with plain tiles of the same color, size and material.

Architectural integration

System Photonics’ photovoltaic tiles are  perfect for architectural integration as they have no aluminum frame and are also elegant  and sturdy. The tiles come in 13 different  colors and their passive elements, made in the same size and with the same ceramic material  as the active module, make for solutions that were thought to be impossible until today.

Technological innovation

The use of a thin 3mm ceramic back sheet and  an encapsulant 5 times harder and 100 times  more resistant than those normally used (EVA, PVB) guarantees unparalleled durability and  reliability.

Ease of installation

The module is extremely easy to install in the place  of normal tiles, guaranteeing a cascade installation  with total waterproofing of the roof up to an angle of 3° even without the use of sheathing, provided that channels are installed to collect and evacuate rainwater to the eaves. The rails with brackets are inserted between also make it extremely easy to install the tiles by simply applying them on the existing infrastructure.



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