RPS TL Modular Outdoor

  •   RPS TL Modular Outdoor
    The RPS TL Modular Outdoor. Click to enlarge. Source: Bonfiglioli.

The RPS TL Modular Outdoor system is a new Bonfiglioli solution offering superbly flexible installation thanks to its outdoor rated inverter modules.

Compact cabin design and limited weight permit installation virtually anywhere, even on difficult terrain. Thanks to advanced control concepts, multi-module inverter cabins can be installed either in groups or distributed around the PV field at connection distances of up to 100m from the central transformer station.

This gives plant designers the freedom to optimise inverter space requirements, cabling effort and civil engineering works.

Thanks to their IP54 rated design, RPS TL Modular Outdoor inverter cabins are resistant to water, dirt and dust.

Their innovative cooling system allows full rated output to be maintained even in high ambient temperatures and when exposed to direct sunlight.

Compact RPS transformer stations, sized to suit the number of connected modules and configured to meet the needs of individual medium-voltage grid connections, are available in combination with the inverters.

Main features:
- IP54 rated outdoor inverter modules with 220kWp individual power rating
- Up to 7 modules can be connected to a common transformer station (220 to 1540kWp)
- Compact inverter modules can be distributed around the PV field (maximum connection length 100m)
- Independent MPPT tracker in each inverter module
- Inverter modules resistant to direct sunlight and ambient temperatures of up to 45°C



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