RPS Endurance

  •   RPS Endurance
    The RPS Endurance inverter series. Source: Bonfiglioli

Bonfiglioli expands its product offering with the introduction of the new monolithic RPS Endurance inverter series, featuring cutting-edge design
that maximizes performance, uptime and ease of handling even in the toughest conditions. With an individual power rating of 500kW in a record footprint, the RPS Endurance is a robust, compact powerhouse.

The intelligent two-stage encapsulation design maximizes uptime through a full IP54 ambient protection rating of active components, while the wide operating temperature range and a best-in-class 15% overload capacity at low-temperature conditions guarantee excellent productivity. Thanks to advanced air cooling technology, the inverter design ensures outstanding reliability and serviceability. With numerous self-protection functions and grid management options, the RPS Endurance is built to satisfy your power control requirements in the fast-developing global PV market.

Main features
- 500kWac rated power at 50°C ambient temperature
- Excellent 15% overload capacity at reduced ambient temperature
- Indoor-rated with full IP54 ambient protection of active components including power electronics, controls and sensors
- High reliability and easy serviceability through robust air cooling design
- Very compact dimensions allow for easy transportation and installation
- BDEW grid management certification



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