RPS 450 Compact

  •   RPS 450 Compact
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Bonfiglioli’s RPS 450 Compact series solar inverters represent a ready to use, efficient solution for roof installations on commercial and industrial buildings.

The integrated low-voltage transformer ensures an easy integration into your existing power infrastructure end ensures a high efficiency power conversion.

Simple and accurate design, intelligent connection options and easy accessibility make installation and maintenance extremely convenient and allow quick and cost-effective servicing.

The robust construction, service friendly layout and amazingly easy transport and mounting have made the RPS 450 Compact series the solution of choice for a large number of installations in Europe and many other countries all around the world.

Main features:
Power range from 30 kWp to 170 kWp
- Integrated 400 Vac transformer
- Efficiency up to 96.7% (including transformer)
- Easy serviceability
- Extremely robust and durable design



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