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With the SiNA® family, Roth & Rau provides antireflective coating equipment for crystalline silicon solar cells, which meet the demands of the PV industry for excellent optical and passivation properties and uniformity of the SiN layers and cover a wide range of throughput requirements. SiNA® systems have a high up-time of more than 90% due to longterm process stability, and a maintenance-friendly design and feature excellent costs of ownership.

Roth & Rau has developed a new system concept for its SiNA®. The new version of the world leading system for antireflective coating of crystalline silicon solar cells is based on the present SiNA® platform. It is, compared to the forerunner model, constructed modularly and its basic version consists of three modules.

The new SiNA® is still working on the basis of the present in-line concept at which the wafer transport is effected by carriers which are available in two sizes. The new process modules (two types available with four or six sources) facilitate the simultaneous coating from above and from the bottom. Through the integration of all control elements in the system, additional electronic racks will prospectively be omitted and the required space will significantly be reduced.

The module-SiNA® facilitates a flexible enhancement of the coating-capacity whereby the basic design is based on two system concepts:- SiNA® L (30 - 50MWp; carrier 1000 x 1000mm)- SiNA® XL (60 - 100MWp; carrier 1000 x 1860mm).

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