Rotatable sputter targets for PV

Bekaert's extended portfolio of rotating sputter targets contains materials for thin film PV cells and c-Si PV cells.

These one-piece targets allow optimized thermal conductivity and a more stable sputter process, with less arcing and no hot spots. The easy installation leads to improved coater efficiency with substantially longer production campaigns.

Thanks to the high quality of the material, the solar cell performance improves and there is more stability over the life time of the solar cells.

The current range includes Ag, Al, AZO, Cr, HD Sn, ITO, i-ZnO, Mo, NiV, HP Si, SiAl, TiOxNb, ZnAl and many others. Different new materials are being investigated to be included in this assortment.

All targets are available in lengths up to 152" and all conventional types of target fixations are supported.



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