PV Silicon Wafer Characterization

Silicon wafer solar cells have been the mainstay of the PV industry. EAG has a range of analytical capabilities that can help silicon wafer solar cell manufacturers  meet their key goals of increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Structural components of the cell that are of interest include:

1. Surface anti-reflective coating:

FTIR (for H content); SEM (for thickness); STEM/EELS (for O presence); RBS and HFS (for stoichiometry and H content on non-textured surfaces).

2. Junction region:

AES (for P concentration at surface); SIMS (for dopant levels and distribution), STEM/EDS (for information regarding metal gettering); SEM, profilometry( for information regarding texture).

3.The wafer itself:

SIMS (doping levels, doping errors, counterdoping, contaminants, C, N, O); STEM/EDS (bulk defects); GDMS (bulk metal levels)

4. Metal contacts:

XPS, AES (for composition and diffusion information); FTIR (for organic contaminant information); other materials characterization tools (eg TOF-SIMS, SEM, XRD).

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