PV Module Production Lines

  • 2BG Srl
    2BG Srl

2BG designs and realizes lines for the production of crystalline PV modules: customized turnkey plants in order to satisfy the necessities of all customers, providing after-sales service through training, transfer of know-how and post-sale technical assistance. 2BG offers a wide range of production lines with several productive capacities and automation levels, as well as the opportunity to integrate the line with other equipment and systems in order to increase the throughput.

2BG's turnkey plants comprise Tabber&Stringer, Lay Out, Film Cutting Machine, Lightning Table for visual inspection, Ribbon Cutting Machine, Laminator, Module Cooling Station, Station for Trimming and J-box application, Frame Assembler, Station for High Voltage Test, Sun Simulator, Carriers for glasses and modules, Glass Washer.



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