Poly Solar module (250w~300w)

  • Bluesun

Type: 156 × 156mm Polycrystallinesilicon, 72pcs in series
Glass: High Transmission, Low iron, Tempered Glass 3.2mm
Frame: Anodized Aluminum,12 Draining Holes in Frame
Junction Box: TUV Certified, MC4 connector

Easy installation and handling for various applications
Module bears load up to 5400pa
Aesthetic appearance through black design
Guaranteed power output (0~+3%)
Independently certified by international certification body (TUV,UL,ICIM,VDE,JET and SGS)
Manufactured according to International Quality and Environment Management System (ISO9001,ISO14001)


5 years manufacturing warranty
10 years warranty, 90% power output
25 years warranty, 80% power output



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