PLANSEE sputtering targets

  • Sputtering targets
    Sputtering targets
  • Monolithic target
    Monolithic target
  • Planar sputtering target
    Planar sputtering target

PLANSEE supplies planar and rotary sputtering targets for CIGS solar cells, displays and hard coating.

The material portfolio includes: molybdenum, tungsten, copper, aluminium, CuIn, CuInGa and CuGa , and new alloys such as the corrosion resistant molybdenum-tantalum and molybdenum-sodium.

With innovative target geometries, PLANSEE contributes to more efficiency of thin film solar cells. Monolithic rotary targets made of molybdenum don’t require a backing tube, avoiding contamination of the layer with the backing material. Furthermore, they are less temperature sensitive and can be sputtered with up to 30 kW/m.

PLANSEE produces everything in-house. Customers can count on best product quality: full density, high purity, and a uniform and fine-grained microstructure.



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