PICO jet dispensing systems

  • Nordson EFD’s PICO jet dispensing systems.
    Nordson EFD’s PICO jet dispensing systems.

Nordson EFD’s Pico jet dispensing systems are an extremely fast, accurate way to apply flux, conductive adhesives and other materials used in PV manufacturing processes, at cycle rates up to 150 dots per second.

• Ideal for use on uneven substrates or hard-to-access areas
• Consistent shot size, with droplets starting at 0.002 μl (2 nl) to flow rates up to 300 g/min (10 oz/min)
• Continuous operation at 150 cycles/second (H2)
• Compatible with a wide range of low to high viscosity fluids

• Eliminates Z-axis movement and need for precise height positioning, for significantly higher dispensing speeds
• Outstanding process control for highest dot-to-dot consistency and best process capability
• Reduces downtime and scrap by eliminating risk of substrate-nozzle collision
• Fast change-over without need for any process readjustments
• Integrated heater in the valves, a choice of different nozzle orifice sizes and precision needles allow optimizing the dispensing process for a wide range of fluids

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