PhotoMark EPE PV Bus Wire Insulation Films

  • Tomark

Using backsheet to separate module bus wire is costly and prone to poor adhesion. Tomark Industries developed EPE bus wire insulation almost two decades ago and it has proven to be the most reliable and cost effective way to handle buss wire insulation. We offer two levels of dielectric performance with 50μm and 125μm PET layers as protection options.

Material Composition         EPE – P2     EPE – P5

Thickness, μm                      270              335
Weight, g/m2                       290              385
Density                                1.10             1.15
Colours (front/back)            white/white
Width Range                        25mm to 1500mm
Roll Length                           150m to 600m depending upon product thickness

Typical Properties              EPE – P2     EPE – P5

Tensile Strength at Break
(MD/TD), MPa                       36/42           64/72
Elongation at Break
(MD/TD), %                          130/66         72/54
Dimensional Stability
(MD/TD), %                          0.8/1.3         1.3/1.5
EVA Peel Strength to EVA
encapsulant, N/cm               >70              >70
Interlayer Adhesion
EVA-PET, g/inch                   1,770            1,770
Partial Discharge, VDC
IEC 60664-1                        >1,000          >1,000



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