Pasan SpectroINSPECT

  • Pasan SpectroINSPECT
    Pasan SpectroINSPECT

SpectroINSPECT is the first spectrometer in Pasan’s measurement devices product range which allows the measurement of the spectral content of pulsed solar simulators. This device may be used by the module manufactures for a periodic quality check of their testing equipment as defined by their internal quality insurance procedures. Institutes will also rely on this easy-to-use spectrometer in order to determine the IEC compliance of their products.

The spectrometer, which weights less than 2 kg, can be easily installed and Pasan SpectroINSPECT plugged to the USB interface of a PC. It measures the spectral distribution of the solar simulator flash between 400 and 1,100nm with an integration time down to <1ms. It can be triggered externally on the flasher or a light detector, with the possibility of setting a time delay in order to measure the spectrum at different moments during the pulse. The software ranks the simulator according to IEC classes.



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