OSIS Module

  • OSIS-Module

Uniting over 50 cells into one solar module is without any doubt the production step with most value at stake because a single faulty cell or a processing error can jeopardize the complete module. Electro luminescence is a powerful and reliable way to verify the integrity of your solar modules during production and before entering the market.

Before lamination the OSIS Module system inspects your modules sunny-side down and will immediately find faulty cells or strings as well as soldering problems. This enables direct repair and avoids discovering the problem at the IV-tester, which in case of a structural issue means risking many modules in your downstream.

After lamination the OSIS Module system is very valuable to inspect modules that were classified as a low quality grade by the IV-tester. The EL image of the complete module and of individual cells will enable you to pinpoint the cause of low quality and take countermeasures.

Automatic inline inspection is available with OSIS Module-I. This system is optimized to integrate well with your conveyor. The pass-line height is adjustable to as low as 1 meter. In addition the inspection can be performed sunny-side down. This allows inspection of modules before lamination and avoids unnecessary handling steps for module flipping of laminated modules. The measurement software automatically finds and classifies defects and anomalies.



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