OSIS Coating

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The stand-alone version of OSIS Coating perfectly complements its inline counterpart. Production wafers that need further investigation after the deposition process are measured precisely and fast. Equally important, OSIS Coating enables you to research coating behavior in more detail within just a fraction of the time compared to conventional metrology tools.

In Fast Scan Mode, OSIS Coating provides you with a meaningful distribution map of 100x100 thickness measurements and 100 refractive index measurements in less than 10 seconds.

Operating in High-Res Mode, you will obtain rich data, which unveils the detailed deposition topography of your silicon nitride coated wafers. In under one minute, distribution maps of 400x400 thickness measurements and 400 refractive index measurements are available.

Designed for practicability, OSIS Coating gives you following capabilities:

• Measurement directly on textured wafers
• Plug & play installation and operation
• Self explanatory UI and reporting functions
• Precise and quick measurements



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