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FACT: The performance of any solar module is depending on the weakest cell in the assembly. Wet-chemical processing, coating, and screen-printing can cause strong tension, resulting in silicon bulk defects that are not visible on the outside of the cell. Even if the IV-test shows the efficiency is high enough right now, micro cracks, shunts and edge isolation imperfections have long-term effects and can cause a dead cell in your module over time.

OSIS Cell utilizes electro luminescence imaging to perform the ultimate check of the cell's integrity. When used inline, the cells are contacted automatically. The recorded EL image is analyzed by software, defects are classified and marked, after which, the cell gets a quality grade that is based on user-definable criteria such as crack-size, percentage of dark areas, and the amount of dislocations.

Stand-alone batch testing systems are available as well. For inspecting large amounts of cells the EL system is integrated in a sorter and handling system with multiple in- and output boxes. For smaller batches, the OSIS cell with automatic contacting is available as table-top system.

For R&D use, our OSIS Cell version with manual contacting is an ideal tool. Even small, non-standard cell sizes, as well as cells that are cut out of a string, can be quickly inspected.



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