Oriel® Solar Simulators and Measurement Systems

For more than 30 years, our Oriel Solar Simulators have been providing customers with the closest spectral match to solar radiation. We offer CW Class AAA certified JIS, ASTM and IEC systems that deliver the solar illumination you need, on the spot. For less demanding applications, Class ABA and ABB unclassified systems are also available.

The Oriel I-V Test Station comprises a complete I-V measurement solution including temperature controlled vacuum chuck and probing station that works with any Oriel Solar Simulator. Newport's Solar Test software is a LabVIEW® based software makes this solution easy to configure, adapt or integrate into other test set-ups.

The Oriel QE/IPCE Measurement Kit is designed to help the researcher perform these two critical tests on virtually any photon-to-charge converting device. Combining a pre-engineered selection of Newport and Oriel products, these kits offer flexibility, versatility, and repeatability while saving you time in designing and setting up your test protocols.



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