NIRQuest – near-infrared spectrometers

  • NIRQuest
    Ocean Optic's NIRQuest near-infrared spectrometers deliver superb performance, accuracy and reliability.

With their modest cost, compact size and great flexibility, miniature fiber-optic spectrometers are attractive analytical tools for photovoltaic materials research and quality control. Typical applications include analysis of the optical properties of solar cell materials, spectroradiometric measurement of solar simulators used in panel testing and quality control in panel production.

The NIRQuest series of spectrometers are small-footprint, near-infrared instruments with high-performance response that cover various ranges from 900-2500 nm. Thanks to their low-noise optoelectronics and a range of grating and bench options, NIRQuest spectrometers are ideal for demanding applications.

What's more, NIRQuest spectrometers can be customized for a variety of applications by selecting different gratings, slits and optical bench accessories.



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