Multi-Opening Lamination Line Ypsator

The Ypsator was the first Multi-Opening Lamination Line for the lamination of solar modules. Various machine concepts with openings of up to 10 and a 2- or 3-step process are available to meet the requirements.

Advantages of Multi-Opening Lamination Line Ypsator for the Production of Crystalline Cell Modules with 2-Step Process:

  • Small overall footprint
  • Economical high volume production
  • Thermal oil provides uniform platen temperature accuracy
  • Uniform and repeatable process control
  • High energy efficiency
  • Uniform heating to the top + bottom of the module
  • Short vacuum extraction time
  • Fast replacement of membrane underheated operating conditions
  • Module is held off platen during transportation
  • Controlled cooling of modules underpressure – preventing module from warping and shortens process time
  • Robust machine design provides high equipment utilization

And additional advantages for the Production of Glass-Glass Modules with 3-Step Process:

  •     Different process parameters possible in either station
  •     Heating of modules on both sides in the second station –fast and symmetrical heat transfer
  •     Split process improves "Cycle Time”.



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