Multi-crystalline Ingot Furnace

  • centrotherm  photovoltaics AG
    centrotherm photovoltaics AG

The centrotherm multi-crystalline ingot furnace is designed for the production of multi-crystalline ingots from polysilicon pieces by directional solidification based on the vertical gradient-freeze method. The multi-crystalline ingot furnace consists of a stainless steel vacuum vessel with integrated water cooling. It contains an electro-mechanical opening and closing mechanism and comes with an integrated crucible loading tool. For process control it is fully automated and includes two independent adjustable heating zones.

  • Ingot weight up to 450 kg without feeding
  • Optimized hot zone for jumbo sized crucibles of 880 mm x 880 mm x 420 mm
  • Two independent adjustable heating zones and one integrated active cooling device for optimal process control
  • Integrated loading and unloading tool
  • Full automation



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