Multi-Channel Solar I-V Test Station

Newport's Multi-Channel Solar I-V Test Station is suitable for automated characterization of up to 16 test cells of a solar cell test coupon. The system uses the Newport Oriel¨ Sol3Aª Class 'AAA' solar simulator for uniform and stable illumination of a 6"x6" area, with an NREL calibrated reference cell used to adjust the irradiance level to 1 Sun (1kW/m2). Reported data for preset levels of simulated solar illumination include Voc (V), Isc (A), Jsc (mA/cm2), Imax (A), Vmax (V), Pmax(mW), fill factor (%), efficiency (%), resistance (ohms) at Voc, and resistance (ohms) at Isc. Test stations for single and tandem junction cells are available.



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