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    Luvata Pori Oy Sunwire

Luvata has long been a pioneering company in photovoltaic energy. The development of Sunwire®, a copper-based flat wire used to make connections between silicon cells in photovoltaic modules, made the automated mass-production of solar panels possible. Sunwire®ES is Luvata’s latest generation of high quality PV connector ribbon.  With a high-purity copper core base, Sunwire®ES offers exceptional electrical conductivity combined with guaranteed elongation of more than 25% and a yield strength below 50 Mpa, perhaps the softest, most fatigue resistant PV connector ribbon on the market today. 

The evolution of Sunwire includes substantial reduction in camber. This, together with the extreme softness of the material and consistent quality from the beginning of one spool to the end of another, allows PV module manufacturer to align the ribbon precisely over the bus bars of the cell.  This consistent quality and plating thickness reduces soldering issues, downtime and scrap while improving yields and enabling maximum electrical output of the module.

By implementing identical processes at all four Sunwire manufacturing facilities in Pori, Finland; Pasir Gudang, Malaysia; Appleton, Wisconsin USA; and Suzhou, China,  this enables Luvata to manufacture exactly the same product with the same consistent quality, while this close proximity to customers provides the responsiveness of local customer service and technical support.

Luvata’s Sunwire proprietary manufacturing technology is extremely energy efficient, chemical free and amazingly compact in design. Sunwire is made from materials that are 100% recyclable and its innovative reusable packaging design ensures safe transport while eliminating tons of landfill.  All of these things contribute to clean solar energy.



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