LO072AR: Lay Out with Robot

  • 2BG Srl
    2BG Srl

LO072AR is a fully automatic system which, thanks to its Kuka Robot, permits the automation of the production cycle by use of up to two Tabber&Stringers and with one or more laminators. The Lay Out picks up the soldered strings from the Tabber&Stringers and deposits them on the glass module; after EVA and Tedlar film deposit and welding of the strings interconnection, this machine transports and introduces the sandwich into the laminator.

When the lamination process is over, the LO072AR unloads the module on a special conveyor. This features connection by modem to guarantee technical support in real time worldwide, as well as a touch-screen panel that allows the manufacturer to customize the different cycles and several other working parameters very easily.


  •     Accurate string alignment on glass
  •     Completely automatic system of handling
  •     Gently pick up of strings with special suckers
  •     Friendly use of system


  •     Visual inspection for integrity string control
  •     Buffer of strings
  •     Buffer of loading glass
  •     Buffer of unloading sandwich



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