• The Solartec range covers the 1.5KW to 5KW range and includes models created specifically for the UK market.

    KLNE Solartec range

    14 March 2012, 15:31

    The range covers the 1.5KW to 5KW range and includes models created specifically for the UK market (2.5KW and 3.6KW). This new range is only the first of several new products that KLNE will be announcing in the next few weeks. The inverters have a new design and feature integrated DC switches and have a 7-year manufacturers warranty included. The warranty can be extended further if required.

  • Renesola Beacon

    Beacon Solar Lighting and Energy Storage

    24 July 2014, 15:22

    The RB (ReneSola Beacon) series solar lighting product with either mobile phone charger or remote control function is designed by ReneSola and used for energy storage and lighting. It provides stable, safe and reliable electricity for portable appliances such as mobile phone

  • LED

    LED Lighting

    24 July 2014, 15:17

    As the leading provider of high performing and best quality LED products and complete lighting systems, ReneSola is continuously expanding and improving the LED lighting products to provide energy-efficient lighting that are decorative and will operate as expected for years to come. We promise quality customer service from purchase order to delivery at your door. Our business goal is to bring best solutions on a global scale combined with personalized service. We believe in competitive pricing, and integrative approach, on time delivery and long term relationships.

  • Virtus Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    Virtus Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    21 July 2014, 09:00

    Virtus represents the highest technological of Quasi-Mono products in the industry. Based on the traditional multicrystalline casting furnace, adopting hotzone and processing technical developed by ReneSoa, it’s capable to produce the Quasi-Mono wafer, those performance is much closer to mono wafer by Czochralski technology.
    Virtus is able to improve the average conversion efficiency of conventional multicrystalline wafers from 16.5% to more than 18.2%. The efficiency of modules approaches or exceeds general monocrystalline modules. Virtus is much lower than monocrystalline in both energy consumption and manufacturing costs, which helps reduce the overall investment in photovoltaic systems, thus improving the rate of return on investment.

  • Micro Inverter Gateway

    Micro Inverter Gateway

    21 July 2014, 08:51

    ReneSola’s Micro Inverter Gateway allows users to track the current data on their solar PV systems. Design is clean and sleek. LCD screen offers easy viewing of power generation overview, graphs, and benefits of up to 80 inverters. The Gateway comes with a wire cord for connection to AC Power and can be also be connected to the Broadband router to view power generation data on users computers.

  • Micro Replus Smart Inverter

    Replus Solar Micro Inverter

    21 July 2014, 08:38

    Micro Replus smart inverters are reliable microinverters ideal for rooftop and ground mount PV systems, particularly in projects with low light or shading issues. Micro Replus inverters are cost effective and bring simpler and more affordable solutions to home-owners, which are safer and efficient solutions for installers. Micro Replus micro inverters allow you to harness the maximum power from your PV modules, resulting in greater yields and a better ROI.

  • ReneSola's Virtus II

    Polycrystalline Virtus II Solar Panels

    17 July 2014, 15:14

    The new, breakthrough, Virtus II solar module is an ingenious combination of the high quality and efficiency of Monocrystalline modules with the lower cost of Multicrystalline modules.
    ReneSola’s innovative ingot growth technology improves the uniformity of the grain size and preferred orientation, resulting in higher minor-carrier lifetime and lower dislocation density. The outcome is significantly increased cell efficiency. ReneSola’s innovative, controlled, DDS production process for the Virtus A++ wafers produces far fewer defects than conventional multicrystalline silicon wafers. This enables Virtus II solar modules to achieve a 4% higher power output, yet maintain the same LID and CTM loss.
    Advantages the Virtus II offers are Advanced texturing and coating technologies; Excellent electricity generation capacity under high temperature; Lower production cost; Higher efficiency; and Lower light induced degradation.

  • Luvata Pori Oy Sunwire

    Luvata Pori Oy Sunwire

    31 January 2014, 09:45

    Luvata has long been a pioneering company in photovoltaic energy. The development of Sunwire®, a copper-based flat wire used to make connections between silicon cells in photovoltaic modules, made the automated mass-production of solar panels possible. Sunwire®ES is Luvata’s latest generation of high quality PV connector ribbon.  With a high-purity copper core base, Sunwire®ES offers exceptional electrical conductivity combined with guaranteed elongation of more than 25% and a yield strength below 50 Mpa, perhaps the softest, most fatigue resistant PV connector ribbon on the market today.

  • Multi-Contact's Branch socket, branch plug MC4

    Branch socket, branch plug MC4

    08 January 2014, 17:24

    Multi-Contact’s Branch socket, branch plug MC4 offers safe and simple parallel or serial-parallel connection of PV-modules.

  • Female and male panel receptacle MC4

    Female and male panel receptacle MC4

    08 January 2014, 17:18

    MC4 panel-receptacle connectors are the interface between an inverter or junction box or junction and a branch cable.



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