Leak detectors

  • Alcatel's ASM Helium Leak Detector
    Alcatel's ASM Helium Leak Detector

A full range of Adixen Helium and hydrogen leak detectors for PV cells manufacturing. One of the key requirements in the production of Solar panels is ensuring that the vacuum equipment / process used for coating is leak tight to stringent specifications. Adixen comprehensive range of high performance helium / hydrogen leak detectors ensures that we have the right detector to suit the application whether for direct or parallel pumping requirements. From oil free dry pumping systems for ultra clean applications to wet systems for less stringent requirements there is a model that meets your specific budget and needs.

The compact high performance ASM 142 and ASM 182 series helium leak detectors offer high sensitivity (5x10-12 mbar l/s), fast pumping speeds, reliability and ruggedness for the most demanding of applications. The touch panel color display user interface and a host of application ready accessories provide a simple straightforward approach to leak detection for the solar industry.



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