L900A: Laminator

  • 2BG Srl
    2BG Srl

L900A is the biggest automatic laminator developed for high module production with excellent results. Panels laminated with L900A successfully pass all of the following certifications: IEC 61215 - IEC 61646 - IEC 61730 (exposure tests, thermal, humidity-freeze, mechanical load cycling, twisting mounting surface, hail impact and high voltage isolation).

The L900A features a touch-screen panel that allows the manufacturer to customize the lamination cycle and several other working parameters very easily, as well as connection by modem to guarantee a technical support in real time worldwide.


  •     Twenty PID control
  •     Water cooling circuit
  •     Easy system for change silicon membrane
  •     Touch-screen panel allows quick set-up
  •     No need other Teflon sheet for lamination


  •     Loading/Unloading System
  •     Outside cooling system



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