Arkema, Inc. manufactures Kynar® film and Kynar® polymer for use in the protection of photovoltaic modules. Kynar® film provides the longest-term protection available for PV modules and when used in the construction of PV back sheets provides for the permanent UV and weathering protection of the underlying PET dielectric layer. PET alone will not provide enough resistance to UV and weathering and has poor hydrolysis resistance.

Kynar® film is also used for front sheet protection of solar modules and is completely resistant to UV degradation, will not chalk or yellow, has excellent dirt shedding properties and resistance to environmental pollutants. Kynar® film is also very tough and has excellent mechanical properties and cut through resistance. Kynar® PVDF polymer has been used for over 40 years in the architectural coatings market and is well recognized as the worlds most weather resistant coatings polymer (Kynar® 500). This same excellent weathering performance is seen with  Kynar® film in front sheet and back sheet applications of photovoltaic modules. Protect your investment, by using Kynar® film.

Arkema also provides to the photovoltaic market other novel technologies as follows: Apolyha® low MVTR thermoplastic encapsulation resins, Evatane® EVA resin, Luperox® organic peroxides used to crosslink EVA systems, Certincoat® transparent conductive oxides and Plexiglas® PMMA resins for use in concentrator lenses.



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