KLA-Tencor’s new P-6 surface profiler handles 2D and 3D surface analysis

  • KLA-Tencor’s new P-6 surface profiler handles 2D and 3D surface analysis
    KLA-Tencor’s new P-6 surface profiler handles 2D and 3D surface analysis

Product Briefing Outline: KLA-Tencor has unveiled its latest stylus surface profiling system, the ‘P-6,’ offering a unique set of advanced features for scientific research and production environments, such as photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing. The P-6 system benefits from measurement technologies developed on advanced semiconductor profiler systems, but in a smaller, more economical bench top design for samples up to 150mm. The P-6 profiler has been qualified at BP Solar, a major photovoltaic manufacturer.

Problem: For the solar market, the P-6 has the resolution, scan quality and automation needed to improve solar cell efficiencies in the development stage, as well as monitor process quality in production.

Solution: The P-6 offers complete high resolution 2D and 3D analysis of surface topography in a versatile platform, which is claimed to have the best price-to-performance capabilities available from any manufacturer. The system’s three different measurement head configurations offer flexibility for a wide range of vertical topographies, and the P-6’s ‘point-and-click’ user interface makes it easy to operate. New features include; Low noise floor improves measurement sensitivity to characterize small topography;  Less than 6Å step height repeatability ensures stringent process control; 150mm X-Y sample stage enables single measurement to cover full substrate and 2D stress measurement and analysis minimizes defects and improves yield.

Applications: The P-6 Stylus profiler is capable of addressing a wide range of measurements and applications: thin-film step heights; thick-film step heights;
photoresist/soft films; etched trench depth; materials characterisation for surface roughness and waviness; surface curvature and form and 2D stress of thin films, amongst others.

Platform: Standard 2μm radius stylus, with options from sub-micron to 25μm radii available. Extensive list of standard measurement parameters, Apex report generating software and advanced 3D imaging. Measure any part of the entire 6-inch diameter sample stage area without stitching or repositioning the sample on the stage platform.
Standard sequence programmability and optional 1000 site productivity package with Batch Queue for increased automation and throughput. Advanced function Feature Find incorporating user defined models for locating small features and positioning the feature of interest for accurate measurement scans. Calibrated video image and stage position enabling a point-and-click or point and drag to select the profile length and location

Availability: July 2008 onwards.



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