JRT Metallization Line

  • JRT line
    JRT line

JRT Photovoltaics GmbH was formed by merging with the technology and market leader in flat bed screen process machines, THIEME. With the merger, Jonas & Redmann made significant steps towards process technology, and under the umbrella of the joint company can offer a complete metallization line from a single source.

For a long time, the metallization process step represented a bottleneck in the manufacture of crystalline silicon solar cells, since the upstream process steps achieved significantly higher outputs. JRT Photovoltaics is able to increase throughput by process acceleration based on innovative technology.

The JRT Metallization Line can achieve an average throughput (gross) 2400 wafers per hour with the lowest failure rates.

  • Advantages of the JRT Metallization Line:
  • Printing accuracy <+/- 20 µ
  • Breakage detection and rejection before and after each process step
  • Automatic paste dispenser and optimized paste consumption
  • Gentle printing technology and handling due to the minimization of mechanical stress
  • Cleanprint and automatic paper transport
  • Applicable for innovative and new cell concepts: selective emitter, double print, mwt, seed layer- and fine line printing



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