InFrame Synapse

The state of the art capabilities of InFrame Synapse MES are accompanied by a Statistical Process Control (SPC) module which allows fast and reliable monitoring of processes and equipments. Advanced process control can be set up within the same module to enable run to run and other advanced control methods.

A modular architecture allows acp-IT to customize the MES exactly to the customer's needs. The integrated workflow engine is used to customize components and implement functionality based on customer's business procedures. Web services are used to connect the InFrame Synapse MES to the user interface as well as to third party applications. This allows the easy integration into existing ERP solutions.

Furthermore, the software platform can easily be used for system integration of different IT applications and for connecting assembly equipment to higher level IT systems.

Our InFrame Synapse simulation models can also be applied for testing and configuration of your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution. Simulated control policies can be adopted directly by MES solutions. The MES can run against the simulation instead of being connected to the real factory. The simulation model provides the essential control events and status changes which will be provided in the real manufacturing line from your equipment. Consequently, the software testing of your MES can be done upfront in a virtual world enabling early error handling and software configuration according to your needs. As a result, factory ramp-up times can be reduces significantly.



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