In-Line Diffusion Furnace

  • Despatch's In-Line Diffusion Furnace
    Despatch's In-Line Diffusion Furnace.

The Despatch In-line Diffusion Furnace incorporates advanced infrared thermal technology that provides the tight temperature uniformity needed for increased cell efficiencies. Air is passively preheated as it enters the chamber and lamps on top and bottom along with edge heaters effectively transfer heat to the wafers. Automated drop-down access to the chamber reduces maintenance time and the insulation in the first zones of the furnace is easily removed if it becomes contaminated. The furnace provides advanced profile capability and a fully comprehensive software system.

In-line processing offers reduced wafer handling and greater throughput than batch processing. With less handling you will have less breakage and increased yield. The Despatch Diffusion Furnace combined with USI’s Deposition tool consistently produces highly uniform emitters using aqueous-based doping. This repeatability enables higher sheet resistances, excellent yields and optimum cell efficiency.



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