III-V Multi-Junction PV Characterization

The main area for improvement of III-V thin film PV is increased conversion efficiency for concentrator PV systems, and manufacturing scale up.

EAG has a long and extensive history in the characterization of complex epitaxial films of compound semiconductor materials for lighting and high speed electronics applications. That knowledge and experience transfers directly to the analysis of multi-junction III-V solar cell film structures.

Materials characterization using surface analysis methods can be used to support process and efficiency improvements and also for reverse engineering. Techniques of specific use include:

1. SIMS: Alloy composition, dopant depth profiles, impurity depth profiles

2. XRD: Alloy composition

3. FIB/SEM, TEM and STEM: Layer structure, defects

4. Metal contacts: XPS, XRD, RBS

5. Contaminant monitoring: FTIR, TOF-SIMS, XPS and GCMS.

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