ICOSOLAR backsheets and encapsulants

  • ISOVOLTAIC's ICOSOLAR backsheets.
    ISOVOLTAIC's ICOSOLAR backsheets.

With ICOSOLAR® backsheets and encapsulants ISOVOLTAIC offers an extensive product portfolio for various module technologies.

ICOSOLAR® backsheets as well as other trendsetting film technologies are extremely tough and durable. They provide lasting protection for solar cells against mechanical and chemical influences and the effects of the weather and they ensure that sunlight can be efficiently converted into usable energy over a long period of time.

Accelerated ageing tests are used to determine long-term durability. The quality standards are set out in testing standards IEC 61215, IEC 61646 and IEC 61730. ICOSOLAR® samples, too, are subjected to selective climate testing as well as mechanical, chemical and electrical tests. They are manufactured under near-industrial conditions on professional equipment and can be supplied in sizes ranging from A4 up to large format.

ISOVOLTAIC products comply with and in some cases even exceed established requirements. Testing institutes are acquainted with our components and have tested them many times. In addition, ISOVOLTAIC sets high internal standards in terms of quality. With its active participation in various standard committees it is also involved in defining future standards together with other well-known companies from this branch of industry.

ICOSOLAR® backsheets and encapsulants are UL recognized and/or TÜV type approved.



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