IBC Solar’s product range

IBC Solar's product range comprises solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, charge regulators, batteries and installation monitoring.A high-performance installation is a well-thought-out system with high quality components that fit together perfectly. Each component contributes its own part in delivering optimal performance and maximum yields. When you choose IBC SOLAR, you get a practically maintenance-free system at the highest technical level. Quality is IBC SOLAR’s first commandment and they do everything in their power to make sure to deliver it. IBC SOLAR sources installation components from renowned brand partners or develops them following strictest quality standards. They perform testing and quality controls and their engineers inspect all components at the production sites at regular intervals.

All IBC SOLAR systems have all important quality certifications. They are also tested by accredited and independent institutes such as TÜV, VDE, SGS and the Fraunhofer Institute. Furthermore, IBC SOLAR maintains an own square meter testing facility. Here they put all systems through continuous operation testing, monitor module data, and test life-span of components in their own climate chamber and with our flasherPart of a photovoltaic testing facility. Solar modules and other components are put under long-term stress tests. In the flasher, sun radiation is simulated with a type of lightning. Then the maximum performance of a solar module can be measured, verifying the validity of manufacturer claims.

The climate chamber is another such testing instrument. Additionally, all products are inspected on arrival following a certified process (DIN ISO 2858-1). IBC SOLAR’s quality team also performs comprehensive batch inspections at regular intervals.



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