Attenuated light measurement for production

The Pasan Module Flasher HighLIGHT LILMT is designed to flash on a maximal surface of 2 x 2m at two different light intensities without any reduction of spectral quality. The equipment meets the growing interest in the behaviour of modules under diffuse light, which is illustrated by the recent evolution of IEC-standards. The HighLIGHT LILMT is equipped with four Xenon tubes. Two of them flash at 1000 W/m2, the other two flash through the attenuation masks, typically 200 W/m2.

The masks are obtained by a controlled deposit of chromium spots  on glass supports.  This guarantees the same high spectral  light, contrary to systems with which the attenuation is obtained by power adjustement of the flash intensity. The flashes are ignited shortly one after the Flashboxother (typically at a 1-second interval) maintaining the cycle time of 30 seconds.

Faster and Faster

The particularly high quality of Pasan module testers in terms of uniformity and spectral matching, together with the flexibility of the systems, meets the high-speed requirements of module producers. Our customer oriented and highly skilled R&D team has designed the HighLIGHT VFLMT, with a shortened cycle time. The Highlight “VFLMT” is fitted for surfaces up to 2 x 2m is equipped with four tubes. They flash independently two by two every 30 seconds. This reduces the cycle time to 15 seconds.



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