Hi-Bond 6 series

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Frame Bonding: Hi-Bond acrylic foam tapes are the ideal bonding product for bonding aluminium frames to PV modules, our tape withstands temperatures from - 40oC up to +160oC, very high humidity and UV exposure without any deterioration or loss of adhesion over long periods. Our tapes bond exceptionally well to Aluminium, glass and a wide range of backing films. Acrylic foams are visco- elastic and the can withstand the expansion and contraction of different materials without loss of adhesion.

Our tapes have high cohesive strength and have excellent  dynamic and tensile adhesion, to withstand high wind shear and heavy snow load.

Junction Box Mounting. We supply precision  die-cuts for junction box mounting for crystalline and thin film modules, giving a complete dust, air,water and humidity seal. The use of die-cut acrylic foam improves the aesthetic appearance of the module and the performance and longevity of the junction box by preventing leakage and hence corrosion. The use of die-cuts speeds up the manufacturing process giving real productivity gains , because it is an instant bond ,whereas silicones take  24 hours to cure and are messy.

Die-cuts can be supplied with exposed adhesive on registered liners for automated application with pick and place attachment.

Large Thin-Film backing rail mounting, We supply our  6 series grade in 2mm thick for bonding  galvanized steel  backing rails to glass, to withstand very high stress levels and to take up thermal expansion of  both materials without loss of adhesion.



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